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Pattern Making

     To cast your item, a master pattern needs to be created first.
This is the process where all model parts are born. Please note that you are not permitted to copy items produced by other manufacturers.

     Today, r
apid prototyped (computer generated) parts are frequently used to produce moulds, however, a number of mediums may be used for this process such as timber, brass, aluminium, styrene, clay, or putty, depending on the shape and texture required. A pattern is produced which is an exact scale model replica of the item. The master pattern may be for white metal, resin, or brass casting.

Mould Making

     John can assist hobby casters by producing black organic or silicone rubber moulds for spin casting, thus eliminating the need for your own vulcanising press. S
pin-casting moulds are produced using white metal or brass master patterns. John can create these from your rapid protoyped or other non-metal masters. If you would like moulds produced, then contact John.

     If you require detailed model parts for a model project of your own or you are embarking on production of model kits etc. and require many parts, contact John and discuss your requirements.

Using his own pattens and moulds John manufactured all of the Uneek range of model railway parts over the last 25 years. 

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